Steering Committee

Our co-op is owned by our members and led by Steering Committee. Our bylaws call four nine steering committee members, and seven of these positions are filled as of November 2017.

Our current steering committee members include:

  1. Eric Barker, Chair |
  2. Laura Thomas, Vice-Chair
  3. Susan Boser, Treasurer
  4. Cybil Peoples-Moore, Secretary
  5. Peter Broad
  6. David Brady
  7. Quintina

Nominations are open to fill our vacant steering committee positions.  Qualifications include being a dues-paid member, previous involvement in the co-op, and attendance at least two steering committee meetings. Are you interested? Email to get involved.

Our steering committee has a rotation of leadership, ensuring both continuity and new ideas. Some of our past steering committee members have included:

Rick Bavera Zachary Jobe
Jenna Deardorff Carrie Miller
Colleen Donovan 
Erin Petrillo
Dana Driscoll 
Richard Rinkus
Sean Howard 
Alaina Stango
Christian Jerman

We’d like to thank everyone for their service and we looking forward to leading the co-op into its next phase of operation.


The co-op’s first steering committee meeting, August 2015 in the Indiana Free Library. Pictured are former co-chair Colleen Donovan, steering committee member Laura Thomas, and chair Eric Barker.